3 Products That Are Guaranteed to Sell

The actual title I wanted to give this article was a little lengthy. It was supposed to be ‘3 Products That Are Guaranteed to Sell and You Are Protected by The Law for Selling These Junk Items’.

Products That Claim Height Gain

Your height depends on your genetics and not the amount of Complan you drink as a child. If you read the product labels; products like Complan say they only give a portion of the essential nutrients needed to make you grow tall. Not that they will break down your genetic code that has made you short or lets call it vertically challenged and in turn make you a giant.

There is no law in India that says advertisements cannot make claims with respect to their product. You can try a PIL and stop a company from making misleading claims but then again is up to the court to decide.

There are even products like ‘Tall You’; it claims that applying the cream will make you taller. Not really. A manufacturer can claim that the results may vary and that will avoid authorities from taking any action. You do not need to publish any testing reports to the drug authorities in India because creams or lotions do not come under their purview.

Products That Claim Weight Loss

Kellogg’s Special K is the number 1 contender in this junk items category. However, if you read the labels carefully a couple of bowls of this for a week will see weight loss actually means you have to eat only that and nothing else.

Wow Kellogg’s, thank you for telling us that starving is a way to lose weight. There are other products too like Raspberry Ketones by British Biologicals. Weight loss supplements or just supplements in India are not classified as a drug and hence need not take the permissions from the authorities. This means you can pretty much sell anything as a weight loss supplement.

A tablet that can burn fat is a myth. However, weight loss supplements do very well in the market. This is because those who want to lose weight become desperate after a point and are ready to try anything. This results in them trying these supplements. Some of them cost Rs. 2000 or more for just 30 tablets. You need to take 2-3 per day. I mean, come on, if it has to be expensive, it has to be because it works!

My favorite though is the slim sauna belt. Enough said.

Products That Claim Hair Loss Repair

There is only one product in this category that genuinely works. It is called Minoxidil which is popularly marketed under the brand name ‘Rogaine’. The problem is that this product may cause some side effects like skin rashes and worse, hair growing in places where it does not belong if not applied carefully.

Growing bald is one of the worst fears for men. I remember my first reaction when I noticed my hair loss. Although now I have accepted it and choose to leave it alone; initially I was terrified of going bald and developed a complex about people judging me about my looks.

There are numerous tactics people try to make hair grow back. Some go as far as drinking the bile or sometimes the blood of cobras (a common practice in China) so that they stop losing hair. Hair loss prevention products are even sold by Homeopathy practitioners. Let me go a little off topic here. Those who practice Homeopathy are not doctors they are merely practitioners.

The best way to sell a hair loss prevention product is to market it as if a person losing hair lacks confidence and feels very insecure. Many people actually do feel like this, I too was one among them like I mentioned before. Those that do work usually show minor improvements and are nothing like how the advertisement shows; where you had hair like you did in your teenage years.

– Professor Vipin

Info about the writer: Vipin Mandyam is an educator, career counselor, entrepreneur and a pioneer for online education in avenues such as business, finance and current affairs. During his free time he is seen gaming or rescuing animals. He is also a hugefan of Iron Maiden. He is also notorious in the Iyengar community


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