A Change of Season Part 1

Seeing my weight loss, people have asked me why I workout in the gym when I can go to parks for a walk, I can go running in Madhavan Park or I can simply diet. The argument for the last one is that you save money by not going to the gym or even outside for any form of exercise.

Let me address every myth here. This is just one of the many parts of my fitness journey.

Working out in the gym isn’t meant for everyone. It is like the science combination that people take up in PUC and later regret. It is like CA which many take and later not complete it. The gym too is one such place. There are many who I see who simply take a one month or 3-month membership and quit.

The gym just like a classroom has many people with varying results. To do well in your exams you will have to spend long hours studying and more importantly paying attention in class if you aren’t doing the former. By the way, I have observed that those who do well in exams simply pay more attention in class than do long hours of study at home.

This is the secret of most of the students who do well in their exams. They simply pay attention in class (80% of the effort) and study at home (20% of the effort). Let me compare this to the gym, the ones who aren’t losing weight are those spending time on the treadmill, elliptical or cycle for at least 40 minutes and the balance they spend on lifting weights. They go home and eat something that is high in calories thinking they can anyway burn it off tomorrow by repeating the same cardiovascular workouts.

They don’t realize that diet is the 80% and workouts are 20%. Therefore, they don’t lose weights. I have noticed this with my students. After lunch classes are never fun because my students end up eating bags of Lays chips and many sticks of Gone Mad. These are calorie rich foods, and this makes them feel lazy because the brain needs to spend extra effort in digesting them. I can understand why they would feel sleepy.

There are those who do similar things for courses like CA or Science and not get results. Any form of positive result cannot be obtained without hard work. This comes with a price. When I started my weight loss journey, I knew how hard it was for me to deal with the people I loved who had an issue with me waking up early morning to hit the gym. I saw that this is even a problem with so many bodybuilders who don’t have wives or girlfriends because of their schedule. They’ve terrible social lives only to achieve the perfect body.

Of course, I am not taking it so far, but I know how students who want to excel too have not very active social lives. They fear every moment of not studying because that lengthens their journey in accomplishing their goals.

I pushed myself because only I knew how horrible it feels when most clothes don’t fit you and how difficult it is to climb stairs or do any work that causes your heartrate to go up. Students need to push themselves if they want to accomplish financial security, intellectual growth or anything else that can benefit them in the long term.

Especially the clothes, I never felt good seeing myself in the mirror and I hated when people would take pictures of me. I would wear a jacket thinking it will hide the fat, but it of course never works.

The day I discovered that I need to change myself was a massive wake up call. It was one day when I had the usual 5 idlis and a full cup of coffee to wash it down. I was so used to eating so much that my mind refused to eat any less. I was getting ready for work and I am unable to bend down to wear my shoes. I finally did with a lot of effort and I was sweating profusely. Sweating from putting on shoes… I never thought this could be an event in my life. I fell on the floor exhausted and I hated myself for the slob that I had become.

This incident made me realize how bad my health really was. I immediately started to eat less from the following day. I cut all portions in half. Controlling the hunger was a challenge. My brain was so used to eating a large quantity of food.

To be Continued


  1. Prashanth

    Good work Vipin, nice article. Failures has many reasons but success has only one reason hardwork.Those who understands will fit in there clothes else look fat.

    • Vishal P

      Really very good decision by you. And you have been a biggest motivation for the people who are very fat and they can take u as an example and make their lives change . Thank you for sharing. Sharing is CARING 💯.

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