Change of Season Part 2

In case you have not read part 1, here it is

The day I discovered that I need to change myself was a massive wake up call. It was one day when I had the usual 5 idlis and a full cup of coffee to wash it down. I was used to eating so much that my mind refused to eat any less. I was getting ready for work and I am unable to bend down to wear my shoes. I finally did with a lot of effort and I was sweating profusely. Sweating from putting on shoes… I never thought this could be an event in my life. I fell on the floor exhausted and I hated myself for the slob that I had become.

This incident made me realize how bad my health really was. I immediately started to eat less from the following day. I cut all portions in half or even lesser. Controlling the hunger was a challenge. My brain was so used to eating a large quantity of food, the withdrawal symptoms kicked in. Even today from 4pm to about 7pm I struggle emotionally because my brain keeps telling me to stuff my stomach with food. I haven’t evaluated though why at this interval this happens. But losing weight is more of an emotional battle than a physical one. How does one get through the emotional battle? By realizing and following self-control and integrity.

I was speaking to my friend, Muskaan who is currently pursuing CA, she was telling me about her accountancy teacher who was giving a piece of his mind to the class about how so many bunked the class just because a new movie by Mahesh Babu was released. His point was ‘Where is your integrity?’. He is right in scolding students who bunked class because these guys chose Mahesh Babu over their career.

Integrity is so important for accomplishing anything. You need to maintain some integrity within you otherwise you will not shed any weight. This is something I learned the hard way. I hit the weights daily, I didn’t miss even if my legs or any other part of my body was sore. We gym lovers prefer to call soreness as ‘Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness’ or DOMS. I made gym an obsession and even today I am always the first at the gym. I am always the one who spends the longest time working out in the mornings.

There are so many who I see stick to a healthy diet for five days a week and suddenly the weekend arrives, and they ruin their diet through cheat days even though they may have maintained a calorie deficit in the last few days.

Day Intake
M 1800
T 1800
W 1800
T 1800
F 1800
S 2500
S 2500
Average 2000


Having fun isn’t wrong but knowing when to have fun is more important. If you are on the path to losing weight you should be more sensitive towards what you eat and only when you have finally reached that height to weight ratio then you can consider cheating on your diet.

What you should be doing is this

Day Intake
M 1600
T 1600
W 1600
T 1600
F 1600
S 2200
S 2200
Average 1771.4


Going back to my friend Muskaan, I see her spend a few hours studying for her CA daily but on some weekends she ends up binge watching TV shows on Amazon Prime just so she can get rid of the monotony. This is her version of a cheat day.

There is so much peer pressure you see which can compromise your integrity. I am sure it was just one or two who would have convinced an entire class to attend a Mahesh Babu movie over their careers. This is another reason why I avoid training with a partner. I fear I will be easily influenced by them and compromise on my diet.

I see this with those who go for a walk in the park every morning. These gangs of middle aged and senior citizens finish 12 rounds in the BDA park opposite to the old SLV and one of them suggests ‘SLV is open, come let’s have coffee’. Here is where their workout goes out of the window or in this case out of the park. Firstly they workout in a park where about 50% of the park is downhill, 25% is flat and the balance is on a slight incline.

It is there in our old high-school textbooks where it shows no work is done when you are going towards gravity. In this case downhill, most of their exercise results in no energy being spent.

Now since their workouts are barely effective and they have sugar and fat rich milk-coffee, of course they won’t lose any weight. Sure, it is just one cup. Same logic with the class that missed their CA session… it is just one movie.

Self-control is the key here, realize when it is okay to cheat on your routine and when it isn’t.

I took up personal training for about 4 months. I learned so many new workouts unlike the normal sets I see everyone do in the gym. My trainer first put me through super sets, then drop sets, pyramid sets and then what I call as double dragon. The last one didn’t work well on me because it just took too long for me to complete them.

I learned how important it is for the body to experience new things and therefore many people fail at doing well for themselves. I see students take up CA after PU. PUC is an easy two years and suddenly CA comes in and many fail right there because of how suddenly things get challenging for them. This is another reason why many quit a few days after joining a gym, because suddenly their sedentary lifestyle is ruined by something challenging such as free weights.

To Be continued…



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