How to Get into Teaching?

I am very thankful to the response of so many who asked me how to get into teaching. I don’t know why I never considered publishing an article on this despite me being in teaching for about 7 years now and my website being about 6 years old.

Anyway, better late than never.


To teach high school, any graduation plus B. Ed is fine. 11th onwards, it is necessary to have a Master’s degree. Although it does not matter if the master’s degree is full time or correspondence. Commerce teachers usually have a MBA or M. Com while some statistics and mathematics teachers have M.Sc. qualification. A professional qualification like LLB or even CA, CS, ICWA is also welcome. But do a master’s degree just for the sake of it because some institutions insist you do a master’s degree despite having a professional qualification.

And NO! Your B. Com professional does not make you a professional.

Subject Preference

I have noticed most teachers are comfortable teaching practical subjects like accountancy or statistics. But there is a very big demand for mathematics teachers. It is up to you to decide what subject you are comfortable with and yes you can teach more than one subject if you are comfortable with it.

I teach business studies and economics although I am comfortable with teaching statistics as well. I just need to prepare a little longer if I need to teach statistics.


I strongly recommend you have excellent research skills. Because you research well, your classes will be amazing and that is how students will be able to listen to you and that is how you get the name and fame as a good teacher.

Aside from that, public speaking helps in building your confidence when you face a class of at least 80 students. Toastmasters is a great place to improve your public speaking skills. But if you cannot afford the time or membership costs I suggest you start reading more and speaking to yourself in front of a mirror. This helps you face yourself; if you can face yourself then you can face any crowd anywhere.

Long Term Career

I started off with just one section part time. My monthly pay was Rs. 4000. Evening college was able to pay me Rs. 12500 so I had a decent start. Over time this will increase if you join better quality institutions or teach colleges where professional courses are offered. For example, teaching in a law college will have you take home higher pay than a PU College. But then again I suggest you start building your experience from 11th and then moving on to teaching professional courses.

There is always going to be a demand for teachers. You can teach academies that offer CA coaching or even CAT coaching. They always hire the best and do not compensate on pay.

How to Apply in Colleges

Most colleges encourage walk-ins. They will almost always have some position vacant. The first round is usually a discussion with the principal or management of the college. Then you should present your subject to a class for about an hour.

The management take feedback from the students and offer theirs as well on how well you conducted the class. Depending on the feedback, it is either a yay or a nay.


Most colleges work from 8am-4pm. Timings can be very flexible if you are a part time teacher. Full time teachers have at least 3 hours of class in a day. Saturdays are a half days and you get at least two months’ vacation in a year. You are paid your salary in some colleges for the two months you get vacation.

You also get all national holidays off. Rarely are you required to go beyond the working hours or are expected to come to work on a Sunday.

The Down Side

Personally, I hate invigilation work and paper correction work. These I cannot do anything about. Another downside I have seen is there is a huge lack of training for teachers. Unlike companies, colleges do not spend on improving the quality of its teachers so you need to train yourself and develop yourself. This I find is the best way to develop yourself.

Finally, if you like something. You will work hard to be the best at it and doing so, you will see your brand name come up, you will develop a network and of course the moolah will come too.

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