What Bane and the Joker Teach Us About Life

The Joker is played by the late Heath Ledger and Bane is played by Tom Hardy in the Nolan Batman trilogy. In my opinion these are the two best representations of some of the most iconic bad guys in the comic book world.

When I was watching The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises movies over the weekend I could connect what the Joker and Bane teach us about life. The Joker is an example of problems we face where it seems like there is no solution to it.

In fact, in the scene where the Joker is captured, Batman interrogates him. Batman uses every possible angle to deal with the Joker. He surprises him by hiding in the dark and when the lights are on, he smashes his head against the table. The Joker reacts as if he’s just mildly annoyed. As the interrogation gets more aggressive, the Joker replies “You have NOTHING to threaten me with”.

Hearing that, Batman realizes that this problem (Joker) has no solution. The biggest weapon Batman uses against his foes is his ability to enforce fear into their minds that they cannot defeat Batman. But with the Joker, he is barely annoyed. He is laughing as the Batman tries to beat him into submission.

Prior to getting captured, the Joker murmurs “Come on, I want you to do it, I want you to hit me”. Even the Joker knows that the only way to end the battle between them is for Batman to kill him and he knows the Batman isn’t going to do that.

The Joker is an example about how we face challenges where it appears like there is no solution. You try harder but the solution never seems to work in your favor and you just need to endure whatever you come across. But in the end, perseverance pays off. That is exactly how Batman defeats the Joker.

I am surprised Batman did not go online to by Sree Yantra Crystal from Krishniah Chetty and Sons which is a crystal pyramid priced at Rs. 9999/-. Buying this could have helped him resolve his issues with the Joker.

In the Dark Knight Rises, Batman must face Bane. Bane is known for being extremely intelligent when it comes to the strategies he uses. He is a rare breed of intelligence and physical prowess. Although Batman can take him on intellectually, during a fist fight, Bane easily defeats him.

So, what can we learn from this? There are some challenges where you need physical strength to overcome. During a recent visit to a resort, I was comfortably able to rely on my upper body strength to some rope activities. I saw so many students complain the following day about their arms or shoulders being sore.

These activities may seem not important because as you grow up these physical activities become part of management training programs. And you realize how useful staying fit is. I have a friend on Facebook, she ran a marathon in one of the events in her workplace. She came first place. She proudly displayed the trophy and that showed that she’s the fastest among all her colleagues. That is indeed a remarkable achievement.

I could do these activities because I have been working out for a few months now and my upper body strength has improved. I am working out almost every day so that I get stronger physically and emotionally. Going to the gym I have realized that working out is more of mind over body than the other way around.

Each time my mind says enough when I am nearing the final rep, I need to convince myself to do more. Batman argues with Alfred when the latter tells him that Bane is too strong; “Look at the ferocity!”. He dismisses Alfred even though he knows what he says about Bane is right. After he fractures Batman’s back, it takes him months of training to return to Gotham and defeat Bane.

Physically training yourself is important because more than developing your body you develop your mind. You develop discipline, time management, you understand your body and you understand a little bit more about the world.


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