Why We Need CAs and Lawyers in The Teaching Profession

It has taken me an unimaginable amount of effort to be so good at my profession. I have learnt with a lot of difficulty on how to integrate the boring words in a textbook with how things work in reality. I feel the reason it took me so much effort is because I am not a professional.

I have seen a world of difference in the way an engineer, a chartered accountant or a lawyer thinks because they do a 4+ year course and their way of thinking is remarkable compared to a regular graduate like me.

I have a colleague who is a chartered accountant and he does this workshop where he promises students they will learn journal entries in accountancy in 2 hours or less.  He teaches the entire concept of journal entries using just ONE problem and I am not exaggerating when I say every student who attends this workshop would have learnt this concept without any difficulty at all.

And I am certain he is able to teach this because as a professional, the way he understands these concepts are different and believe me this is what the education system needs. The education system needs more professionals for teachers rather than regular post graduates.

To teach the school level, you need a degree, anything else beyond that needs a post-graduation. There are hardly any institutions that enforce that teachers must have a PhD let alone a professional qualification like CA. The problem is all the good teachers are in higher education. The only reason I have to like the IITs and IIMs is because of the quality of the teachers in these institutions. All these are concept based teachers who link the real world with the book and end up writing case studies or articles for newspapers. This is what makes teachers smart in these institutions

But we need these teachers for 11th onwards. This when you see the students learn fundamentals of commerce. This is when they understand the basics of a business. I have met teachers in a former workplace where they don’t understand the differences between employees and partners in a business. Yes, this is how terrible their basics are. This is what makes teachers stupid in these institutions.

We need teachers who teach students for CA exams. The sole reason why so few aspirants clear the exam is because their fundamentals from 11th onwards are poor. Institutions like JK Shah have teachers who teach more of the concept rather than what the textbook says.

There are so many who don’t understand the concept. I did a MCQ test in class to see how well students have understood the topic Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility, Consumer Behaviour and Indifference Curves. There were so few who managed to score more than 10 out of 25. This happens because they don’t understand how something like ‘utility’ works in reality. But this is what they need to know when they face the real world.

Believe me I have given up when it comes to training regular post graduates to understand how stuff works in the real world and link that to the textbook. This is why we need more chartered accountants, lawyers, and engineers to take up teaching profession. To learn from a professional is something which is remarkable. I remember when my income tax teacher Soujanya ma’am gave a short presentation on the various ways the Government of India pinches money from the citizens in the form of taxes. This was something I learnt in the latter half of 2007, almost a decade ago and I still can recollect the lecture.

This is the advantage of learning from a professional. They make your fundamentals strong. They ensure you understand it effortlessly. I request, my students pursuing CA or who have finished CA to take up teaching at least part time. We can work out a deal, I will assist you in overcoming your stage fear (if any) and you can do a significant contribution to the world of academics by adding your valuable knowledge into the minds of students.

By the way, this invitation extends to GENUINE professionals and not wannabes like B.Com Professional graduates.


  1. Bharath B

    Sir, Can you please tell me a way of how I can develop myself while doing B.Com to the level of CA’s or at least to create a fine base before talking it up. I just wrote CPT and am awaiting results.

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