Why Weekend with Ramesh is the Perfect Kannada Show

For those of you who aren’t watching this show, it really is the best television show on Kannada channels. You are missing something very entertaining if you are not watching this show. The way this show has been designed is an excellent example of how much planning has gone into it.

There have been quite a few attempts in Kannada channels in creating a good talk show. The very short lived talk show was ‘Naaniruvudu Nimagagi’ (I think) starred Shiv Raj Kumar and it was not a very good show. They relied excessively on sentimental value. And before a break, the host would do a short twirl and then the advertisements would start showing.

There are two reasons why the show failed, one the host was too expensive. Shiv Raj Kumar or anyone from Dr. Rajkumar family has a powerful brand value and keeping them on board can be very expensive for the producers. The second reason I believe it didn’t do well is because they spent no money on researching what the viewers want to see. They blindly made a show thinking if they have popular actor hosting it, you will see success.

The Host. Much charm, such smile. Wow.

The Host. Much charm, such smile. Wow.

Another talk show which i consider to be the cancer for all talk shows was ‘Baduku Jataka Bandi’ which translates to ‘Life is a Rollercoaster’ … no it actually translates to ‘Life is like a carriage wheel’.

I say this show was cancer to all TV shows because not one “Guest” they had on the show was worth watching. They picked the poorest of people and asked them why their life sucked. Their responses was usually ‘I have 4 brothers and 5 sisters’. ‘Alcoholic father’, ‘adulterous husband / wife’ and one episode which made me cringe was how two siblings wanted to marry each other.


The Amazing guests on Baduku Jataka Bandi

The Amazing guests on Baduku Jataka Bandi

Every guest had a miserable life because they made miserable choices. No amount of makeup would make them look good. No costume designer could make them look good. The host would ask questions that would aggravate them or make them weep more. If they get too aggressive the guests would attack each other and the host would simply look on. This was a very cheap clone of the Jerry Springer show.

Now some of you morons will say, there are a lot of people with miserable lives, this show is only trying to highlight how bad their lives are. So you want to see how miserable people are? Go interview them personally but don’t put this on prime time TV. That is just disgusting. There are some people who just don’t belong on camera.

This man! Epic

This man! Epic

Weekend with Ramesh has surpassed all expectations. The host is extremely good, the guests are simply the best. There is so much planning that goes into making one episode. There is so much effort to reach out to the friends, family, teachers and celebrities who know the guests.

Ramesh Aravind not only had an amazing career in movies but also his presence on the show is amazing. You cannot not like Ramesh Aravind. He is the nicest guy you will come across. And if one does not know him you will assume he is just an ordinary man and has no association with any stardom.

The other things which I loved about the show is the product placements. Before the commercial break is over you have Titan advertisements where Ramesh endorses the brand and explains its features in Kannada.

This shows that the marketing executives put in a lot of planning to see to it that product placements occur frequently but are not annoying. So aside from commercial breaks you have product placements in between to increase advertising revenue.

Weekend with Ramesh is the savior to Kannada television shows. I have never seen the lives of Kannada celebrities before they became celebrities. So many people of Karnataka watch Kannada movies but we have no idea about the lives of these stars except what we see on-screen.

No one wants to know how miserable some poor fellow’s life is in shows like Baduku Jataka Bandi. The life of Raghu Dixit, the life of SPB, the life Sadhukokila are interesting. Because they made smart choices in life even though they had a difficult rise to the top.

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